With the current progression of the world, our culture is starting to shift away from typical 9 to 5 day-jobs.  Many millennials are having a difficult time climbing the corporate ladder, paying off student debt, and in general not finding that corporate America is what it once was.  This has opened up an entirely new segment in the market.  People are starting to look at more passive income flows, or incomes that they can rely on, without actually needing a boss or having to commute to work. 


These passive income flows are the quickest path to freedom and the ultimate wealth accelerator. At a basic level, passive income is basically money earned without actually requiring your time consistently.  They produce money on holidays, nights, and weekends.


Many people are taking advantage of these types of businesses without the sweat and labor associated with a traditional job.  By now, most have heard of Amazon ecommerce stores, but in recent times Walmart has come to be the new kid on the block in the e-commerce game.  Looking to compete directly with Amazon, Walmart is investing heavily in infrastructure, making it easier for new sellers to get up and running on their platform


Walmart Allowing Third-Party Sellers

Walmart recently opened its virtual doors to third-party sellers with excellent products, great customer service, and a proven history of quick delivery. Walmart also started to acquire excellent brands within their product categories – and these are not just the typical Walmart brands and products you’d find in their brick-and-mortar stores. When applying to sell on Walmart marketplace, Walmart favors sellers with already established e-commerce businesses.

Pros of Selling Via Walmart Automation

Walmart offers a new and emerging marketplace with little competition in comparison to Amazon selling. Walmart currently has only around 50,000 third-party sellers, compared to Amazon’s over 2 million in the US alone. (10 million sellers worldwide). The reason being is Walmart is much harder to get approved to sell on than most other marketplaces – however, our team at Enopoly Automation works carefully with a solid understanding of Walmart’s goals and desires.  We have the experience that no other automation service has in this regard.  

  1. There are no initial and monthly fees for selling on Walmart. Compare this to Amazon Seller Central’s $39.99/month selling fee.
  2. No Velocity Limits. We believe we can scale stores immediately since there are no Velocity Limits like on Amazon. 
  3. Walmart receives 100 million site visitors per month. Walmart marketplace has only ~5,000 sellers compared to Amazon’s 2 million in the US alone.
  4. Walmart’s U.S. ecommerce sales grew 40% in the 2nd quarter of 2018, up from 33% growth in Q1. Additionally, according to Forbes, Walmart’s Online Sales Have Surged 74% During The Pandemic.
  5. At the end of 2018, Walmart overtook Apple.com as the third largest online retailer. Their total revenue stood at $128.03 billion.

Cons of Selling on Walmart Marketplace

  1. Walmart appeals to cost-conscious consumers. With several merchants competing for similar products, profit margins may be smaller
  2. The setup process can be a little bit more involved ( which is where we come in)

How Enopoly Can Help

Enopoly automation sets up and manages a Walmart Dropshipping business of your own with a professional management team of seasoned e-commerce pros with decades of experience and millions in sales collectively. Ready to learn more? 

We offer a FREE strategy session to see if you’d be a good fit for our automation services.  Don’t worry, you won’t be sold some pipedream.  We will get on a webinar with you and walk you through a real live store and show you the results.  We will set your expectations right from the get-go.  To learn more, click the button and watch the short video and then fill out an application to tell us about yourself and what would make you a good fit.  From there we will reach out to you and get on a live webinar. 


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