With the rapid evolution of technology, it is quickly changing the way we live.  What used to be tedious, time-consuming tasks can now be automated and completed with the push of a button.  Well, it turns, in 2021 and beyond it is easier than ever to digitize and automate earning passive income online. 


What Is Passive Income


Passive income can be defined as generating money that doesn’t require you to manage it on a daily basis.  Some examples would be collecting rent on real estate, partnerships, royalties or investing your money in stock.  Usually, passive income sources do require some work to get up and running, but after that the income is recurring without you being present.  Online businesses, specifically Walmart Automation fit this perfectly as a true automated asset.

Why Passive Income Is More Important Than Ever


Within the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic created a huge uptick in unemployment.  This means people are without jobs, and not getting their source of income they once relied on to pay bills.  This is making passive income streams increasingly attractive, as a way to supplement or even completely replace a full-time job.  Here are 3 amazing reasons why you would want passive income.

  1. To create a nest egg for yourself in case of an emergency
  2. To invest into another passive income-producing asset for more time-money freedom
  3. To leverage as a downpayment for increasing your monthly savings


Ecommerce Trends Moving Forward


The pandemic taught us that the shift to online retail is happening at warp speed.  Changes that would have normally taken 5 years, were compressed into just one. 


People have changed their buying behavior and are purchasing more online (see Amazon & Walmart e-commerce growth).  It’s changing what they’re buying online, when, and how.


Because of these large brick and mortar stores being closed, setting up shop online is a low-cost alternative, with incredible flexibility to fit anyone’s schedule. Another amazing benefit is that online stores operate 24/7/365 and can cast a huge net when it comes to potential customers.   


Walmart automation is the new kid on the block and ripe for an opportunity with only 50,000 sellers.  We are the best in the industry when it comes to building these stores, and we let our track record do the talking for us.  With more REAL video testimonials than any of our competitors, we know the ins and outs, pitfalls, and best practices to scaling a Walmart Automation business.  


We offer a FREE strategy session to see if you’d be a good fit for our automation services.  Don’t worry, you won’t be sold some pipedream.  We will get on a webinar with you and walk you through a real live store and show you the results.  We will set your expectations right from the get-go.  To learn more, click the button and watch the short video and then fill out an application to tell us about yourself and what would make you a good fit.  From there we will reach out to you and get on a live webinar. 

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